Futuristic Sci-Fi UI Web Framework

Arwes is a web framework to build user interfaces based on futuristic science fiction designs, animations, and sound effects. The concepts behind are opinionated with influences from Cyberprep and Synthwave, and productions like Star Citizen, Halo, and TRON: Legacy. It tries to inspire advanced science and technology.

The project is under development and not ready for production yet. It is still in alpha release, so the components are being tested and their API may change as it gets completed.

Branch main is for @alpha version releases and public content deployed at arwes.dev.
Branch next is for @next version releases and active development deployed at next.arwes.dev.

The framework is delivered for the web platform as NPM packages in the @arwes/[package] scope for ES Modules, CommonJS, and UMD formats in JavaScript ES2018 version with strict TypeScript v4.8+ type definitions.

Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, for Android, iOS and desktop are supported. Server-side rendering with Node.js v18+ is supported. There are custom APIs for React.js v18+ which can be used with tools like Next.js and Remix.

Since sci-fi UIs are normally very particular with custom visual workflows and user experiences, the tools offered are currently "low/medium level APIs", which means that the framework does not provide an entire set of UI components for a common web app but rather a set of primitives, utilities, and base components to build a design system.